Immune system

What is Immune system?

Your immune system is the line of defense that protects you from attack by anything that is "not you." That broad category includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, and anything your body's immune system watchdogs declare to be a "foreign" substance, which could mean a transplanted kidney or heart, a dose of penicillin or some other medication, or a grain of dust or plant pollen. In some cases, "foreign" turns out to be your own body's cells that have gone haywire and lost their normal "you" characteristics. Your immune system vigilantly patrols on the lookout for these potential cancer-causing rogue cells. Anytime the immune defenders come across something foreign, they call for an array of immune defense troops to charge in and destroy the invader. We're all assaulted every day by invaders from the world around us—we breathe them in, eat them, get them on our skin—and from the world within us, as cells age, go haywire, and must be removed before cancers can form. We depend on a healthy immune system, working around the clock, to defend us from the world. Without a healthy immune system, capable of destroying our enemies, we would—like the boy who lived in the plastic bubble— quickly die. In that light, it's easy to see that one of your most important goals in maintaining optimum health has to be proper nourishment of your immune system. What does that entail? Let's take a look in Strengthen immune system.

Immune systemThe best way to keep the immune system working well is to stay in good general health. It is important not to allow infections to persist as this puts a strain on the immune system. Diet, medications, pollution, toxic chemicals, stress levels and emotional state all affect the workings of the immune system. Overuse of antibiotics is common nowadays and may prevent the immune system from becoming strong enough to deal with infectious agents. Other medications that can adversely affect the immune system include steroids. These drugs are often given for long periods in the treatment of disorders such as arthritis and asthma. Improving lymphatic circulation can help to boost the immune system. Exercise, massage and herbal remedies are helpful for this.


An allergy is an inappropriate response by the immune system to a substance that is usually harmless. There are many causes of allergy, the most common being airborne particles such as mold, dust and pollen, certain foods, chemicals and drugs. Allergic responses play a role in many disorders, including asthma and hayfever. Supporting the immune system can be valuable in the treatment of allergic disorders.

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