The antioxidant vitamins are vitamin E, vitamin C, and the beta carotene form of vitamin A. Minerals such as selenium, copper, manganese and zinc also have antioxidant properties when combined with certain enzymes. There are many other antioxidants in food, such as bioflavonoids found in fruit and vegetables; coenzyme Q10 found in fish, nuts and lean meats; and sulfur-containing amino acids.

AntioxidantsAntioxidants and disease prevention

There is no research which shows that antioxidants definitely protect against, or cure any disease. However, growing evidence strongly suggests that they have the power to prevent diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease and cataracts. Studies show that diets high in antioxidants or antioxidant supplements reduce cancer death rates, cold and flu infections and protect against atherosclerosis, heart disease and cataracts. These vitamins may improve immune system function and may even delay some of the effects of aging. This is probably due to their ability to intercept and extinguish free radicals.

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