The best way to keep the immune system working well is to stay in good general health. It is important not to allow infections to persist as this puts a strain on the immune system. Diet, medications, pollution, toxic chemicals, stress levels and emotional state all affect the workings of the immune system. Overuse of antibiotics is common nowadays and may prevent the immune system from becoming strong enough to deal with infectious agents.

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Poor digestion plays a role in many common diseases, either by directly contributing to symptoms or by exacerbating those due to other causes. The digestive system needs to be working well to absorb the nutrients in food and to avoid the absorption of food molecules that are not properly broken down. There are several supplements and digestive herbs that may be useful in improving liver function.


Women who avoid known risks and eat well before, during and immediately after pregnancy tend to have larger, healthier babies and experience fewer complications. The quality and quantity of a woman's diet plays a vital role in beginning and maintaining the growth and development of her baby, in successful breastfeeding and in a smooth recovery after birth. Other medications that can adversely affect the immune system include steroids.

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Weight Loss
Healthy Weight lossHealthy Weight loss

Despite the availability of low fat foods and increasing awareness of the risks, obesity is still on the increase. However, despite the prevalence of obesity, many people do not consume enough essential nutrients to keep themselves healthy, and overweight and poor nutrition are major risk factors for some of the most common diseases in our society.

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Vitamins may exert their antioxidant effects by acting as circuit breakers. They insert themselves into the free radical chain reaction and are altered without generating further free radicals. Antioxidants benefits are huge. Antioxidants interact to protect each other. Vitamin C can react with a damaged vitamin E molecule and convert it back to its antioxidant form.

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Optimum nutrition: Diet aging

The dietary needs of aging people in their fifties or sixties are different from those who are younger. For most vitamins and minerals, needs are higher; although for some nutrients they actually fall. The needs of people in their seventies and eighties are different again. Mainstream nutrition is beginning to recognize these differences and some of the new RDAs take into account the needs of those who are older. A good anti aging diet is necessary for everyone.

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