Zedoary herb extract, benefits, health, effects, plant, supplements, side effects Zedoary

What Zedoary herb Is:

In India, there exists a well-known, widely used demulcent for inflamed mucous membranes, especially for infants and convalescents. It's made from zedoary, a member of the ginger family that resembles its herbal kin (cardamom, ginger, and turmeric) physically, chemically, culinarily, and medicinally. Native to the Himalayas but widely cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, and China, the plant grows only a foot or two tall, often with brown veins coursing across its green leaves. The root is grayish or dirty white. In France, zedoary is known as zedoaire, in Germany zitwer, and in Spain cedoaria or cetoal. Indonesians call it temu putich, while Malaysians refer to it as temu kuning.

Zedoary herb extract, benefits, health, effects, plant

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