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What Vervain herb Is:

It's not mentioned in the Bible, and biblical scholars would dispute the claim, but legend has it that those who retrieved Christ's body from the cross on Calvary used this inconspicuous plant to stop his wounds from bleeding, giving rise to vervain's general reputation as a sacred good luck charm. Witches and warlocks liked to use it, especially in supposed aphrodisiacs, as did herbal physicians, who prescribed it for a whole range of illnesses, particularly colds, gout, and liver problems. An annual with light blue or lilac flowers that grows 1 to 3 feet tall, vervain is indigenous to the Mediterranean but is now a somewhat common weed in temperate areas of North America. It's also cultivated elsewhere in the world, primarily eastern Europe.

Highly valued by the druids, vervain has an ancient history of use. It has nervine tonic, sedative, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, hypotensive and hepatic actions. It also stimulates the flow of mother's milk.

Vervain extract, benefits, health, effectsVervain benefits

Vervain is used to treat nervous exhaustion, depression, liver and gallbladder disorders


Vervain should not be used in pregnancy.

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