St John's wort side effects


Few people have anything to be concerned about. If you have fair skin, you might become more sensitive to the sun, a curious possibility in that topically applied St. John's wort oil guards against sunburn and hastens wound healing. With a little sunscreen and a watchful eye to the amount of time you spend outdoors, you should be fine.

Be careful, too, if you're taking prescription antidepressants. Given its verified effectiveness, St. John's wort certainly could alter the physiologic impact of MAOIs and SSRIs. Instead of shying away from the herb, as some overly cautious herbalists advise, talk to your physician. By using St. John's wort, perhaps you can get by with smaller doses of the pharmaceutical or end your reliance entirely.

St John's wort side effectsIn February 2000, the FDA issued a warning that St. John's wort, by triggering a particular enzyme in the body, could weaken the effectiveness of certain HIV medications—specifically, indinavir (Crixivan)—as well as certain antirejection drugs prescribed for heart transplant patients. If this is true, the FDA, in the name of completeness, should have added that grapefruit juice, by inhibiting the very same enzyme, may more than compensate for whatever action St. John's wort might effect.

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