Milk thistle herb extract, benefits, health, effects, plant, supplements, side effects Milk thistle

What Milk thistle herb Is:

Perhaps one of herbal medicine's best-kept secrets and one of American medicine's most glaring oversights, this plant has been used for liver ailments for a couple of thousand years. Native to Europe but now growing along both coasts of North America, milk thistle is an attractive, edible plant with fuzzy, reddish purple flowers. A white veinlike pattern, said in European lore to represent drops of the Virgin Mary's breast milk, decorates its spiny-edged leaves. The markings gave rise to two of the plant's other names, Mary's thistle and holy thistle, and to its folk use as a stimulant of breast milk.

Milk thistle herb, which is native to Europe and some parts of the USA, has powerful liver-protecting properties. It prevents damage and improves function.

Milk thistle extract, benefits, health, effectsMilk thistle benefits

Milk thistle is used to treat liver disease, including cirrhosis and hepatitis. It is also used to treat gallstones and psoriasis.



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