Sinus infection, what is it?

Some people seem to be always afflicted with infections in their sinuses, hardly whipping one infection down before the next one begins, bouncing from one antibiotic to another. If this picture describes you, here's my advice. Ask your personal physician or an ear, nose, and throat specialist to thoroughly evaluate your sinuses, including sinus X-ray studies.

Sinus infection, what is it?Be certain that you don't keep getting infected because of some structural abnormality in the sinus cavities, such as polyps or cysts. Also consult with an allergy specialist to be certain that it's not untreated allergies to pollen, weeds, trees, dust, pets, or foods that keep things stirred up. An inflamed sinus tract will more easily infect. As far as what nutrition can do to help, we have already described the nutrients that help related conditions and frequent infections almost wherever they occur.

What helps Sinus infection?

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Sinus infection Herbal remedies

• See Allergies, Common Cold, and Immune System Health.

What makes Sinus infection worse?

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Sinus infection what is



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