Psoriasis worse

What makes it worse?

• Some recent research has shown that people who develop psoriasis tend to drink more alcohol than those who don't. Whether alcohol acts as a triggering stimulus is not clear. Recommendation: If you have a family history for psoriasis, you would be well advised not to drink alcohol. If you have psoriasis, drink alcohol only sparingly or not at all.

• Psoriasis worseA diet high in red meat and egg yolk may promote inflammation and eruption of your psoriatic rash because of the high amounts of arachidonic acid that these two foods contain. Arachidonic acid is the forerunner from which your body makes the "bad" line of prostaglandins that promote inflammation. Recommendation: Limit your intake of these foods to 1 serving per week or less.

•  People with psoriasis who have been placed on very restricted diets (rice diets and liquid fasting programs) often experience clearing of their rashes. This benefit may occur because their usual diet contains one or more foods to which they are sensitized or allergic. Food sensitivities may be a contributing cause to the waxing and waning of your psoriatic rashes. Recommendation: You may want to consult an allergy specialist to do some blood and skin testing for food allergies to help narrow your search for foods that cause you trouble. Armed with the information you gain from these tests, you must undertake a systematic elimination trial of each food individually to determine if it indeed is a culprit in your disease. Please refer to Food Allergy for information about how to conduct an elimination trial.

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