Psoriasis remedies

Most helpful Psoriasis remedies

•   Milk thistle improves liver function and eases the symptoms of psoriasis. Take 100 milligrams of standardized extract three times daily.

•   Vitamin A is vital for healthy skin. Take 10,000 IU as beta-carotene daily.

•   Vitamin B complex is an antistress vitamin that also helps maintain healthy skin. Take 50 milligrams three times daily.

•   Omega-3 fatty acids nourish the skin. Take 1 tablespoon oil daily.

•   Evening primrose oil promotes healing and helps prevent dryness. Take 2 grams daily in divided doses.

Psoriasis remediesOther helpful Psoriasis remedies

•   Chromium increases sensitivity of receptors to insulin, a hormone that is typically high in people with psoriasis. Take 400 micrograms daily.

•   Oatmeal baths can minimize itching associated with psoriasis. Use a commercial product; follow package directions.

•   Flaxseed can help restore normal oil production. Take 1 tablespoon of oil daily. Commercial products are available; follow package directions.

•   Vitamin C is essential for healthy collagen and connective tissue. Take 1,500 milligrams daily in divided doses.

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