Psoriasis natural remedies

• Ancient Egyptians and Indians rubbed what historians presume was psoriasis with plants containing psoralens and then sat in the sun. Bishop's weed contains an abundance of one of these psoralens. These compounds inhibit cell division, slowing down the skin cells that cause psoriasis. Caution: High doses of psoralens can be carcinogenic. If this herb irritates your skin, discontinue use.

•  Psoriasis naturalAngelica also contains psoralens. Ingest the herb and then spend some time in the sun. But beware: Discontinue use if any irritation develops. And remember that high dosages of psoralens can be carcinogenic.

•  Europeans use chamomile to treat this disorder. Apply a chamomile cream directly to the affected areas. Caution: If your itching becomes worse, discontinue use.

•  Many naturopaths consider licorice to be more effective than hydrocortisone when treating psoriasis. Apply an extract directly to the affected area using a clean cloth.

• Lavender oil is praised by aromatherapists for its healing powers. Apply the essential oil directly to the skin; do not ingest.

• Milk thistle contains 8 anti-inflammatory compounds that act on the skin. Take as a tea or tincture, or in capsules.

Dosages may vary, depending on the duration and severity of your symptoms. Follow package directions, or consult a qualified herbal practitioner.

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