Prevent nausea

An ounce of prevention

To decrease the likelihood of picking up a virus or bacteria that can cause nausea, practice good handwashing habits. To Prevent nausea also try to avoid overeating and eating too quickly, which can cause stomach upset. Identify any possible food allergies, which may contribute to feelings of nausea after eating.

Prevent nausea: CALL FOR HELP

The occasional bout of nausea is unpleasant, but not harmful. If you experience chronic nausea and you are not pregnant, contact your doctor if the symptoms persist for several weeks. As noted earlier, persistent nausea can be a symptom of more serious medical problems.

If you begin to vomit, look for signs of dehydration, including dark yellow urine, dry mucous membranes, drowsiness, and skin that doesn't bounce back right away when you pinch it. If you experience vomiting along with fever, bloating, if the vomit looks like coffee grounds, or if vomiting follows a head injury, seek prompt medical attention.

Prevent nausea

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Prevent nausea



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