Muscle cramps

What are Muscle cramps ?

Each of your muscles contains millions of individual muscle fibers that interconnect with each other in a particular fashion, allowing them to spread apart (as the muscle relaxes) or to tighten their ranks (as the muscle contracts). The spreading and tightening occur because of the ebb and flow of certain mineral ions into and out of the individual cells of the fibers. When something—such as a deficiency of calcium—disrupts the normal flow of mineral ions in and out of these special cells, their action can become confused and they can all suddenly tighten at once, causing a muscle spasm or a cramp.

Muscle crampsOveruse and fatigue of the muscle can cause cramping, but so can mineral deficiencies, low sodium or potassium, severe anxiety with hyperventilation, low blood sugar, pregnancy, poisonings, low thyroid, high thyroid, diabetes, and this list keeps on going. With all these many causes, what can nutrition offer to help? Let's examine the possibilities in Muscle cramps diet.

What makes Muscle cramps worse?

• Because increased intake of phosphorus can deplete your body of calcium, in theory at least, it could also contribute to the development of muscle cramping.
Although a diet high in protein can cause some loss of calcium in your urine, carbonated soft drinks probably account for more of the phosphorus intake in the diet of most Americans than any other single source.

Recommendation: Eliminate or sharply curb your intake of carbonated beverages. Turn instead to water, mineral water, tea without sugar, and noncarbonated sugar-free fruit-flavored drinks (Kool-Aid, Crystal Light) and leave the soft drinks alone.

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Muscle cramps
Muscle cramps diet
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