Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple Sclerosis ?

Multiple sclerosis (MS), a common disorder of the nervous system, usually strikes young adults (but can occur later in life as well), causing episodes of weakness, numbness, tingling, unsteadiness, spastic or jerky weakness of the arms or legs, double vision, even sudden blindness, and loss of control of bowels or bladder.

Multiple SclerosisNo one knows for certain what causes multiple sclerosis; however, there is some strong speculation that the disorder is another of the autoimmune problems in which the body turns on itself. What is certain, though, is that the insulation covering the nerves begins to deteriorate in spots— a lot like the bare wires exposed when the vinyl wrapping disintegrates on an electric extension cord. The exposed areas of the brain and nerves misfire and short-circuit, causing the symptoms, until the body finally reacts to lay down nerve scar tissue over the raw areas.

What makes Multiple Sclerosis worse?

• People with MS who markedly reduce their intake of saturated fats (those animal and vegetable fats that are solid at room temperature, such as lard, butter, shortening, coconut and other tropical oils) often experience relief of their symptoms. Please refer to the discussion of essential fatty, and replace the saturated fats in your diet with these polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils: olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, or dietary linseed oil.

• High levels of carbon monoxide may trigger the development of MS. Although automobile exhaust emissions contain carbon monoxide, there is a source even closer to home: cigarette smoke.

If you have MS, we urge you to give up smoking in the interest of your health. There is very little value to you in sucking carbon monoxide gasses into your lungs. Recommendation: Stop smoking.

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