What is Edema?

The puffiness and swelling that makes your rings too tight and your socks leave imprints on your skin happens because of excess fluid, or "water," in the skin—a condition called edema. Such swelling can occur because of a backing up of fluid in the lower legs and lungs from weakness of the heart muscle—a condition known as congestive heart failure—which we fully discuss in its own separate listing and won't address here. But you might retain fluid for a variety of other reasons: as a consequence of salt retention; in response to excessive heat and humidity; from increased capillary fragility (tiny blood vessel weakness) that allows fluid to "leak" out into the tissues: because of allergies; from protein malnourishment; or as a response to the hormone changes that occur in the menstrual cycle.
Edema While there isn't much you can do with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to prevent or resolve the swelling caused by heat and humidity, you can make a difference in the degree of edema caused by most of the other circumstances. Let's see how in Edema diet.

Edema natural remedies

• Alfalfa supplies important minerals as well as chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier.

• Other herbs mat may be beneficial include: butcher's broom,

dandelion root, horsetail, juniper berries, lobelia, marshmallow, and parsley. Caution: Do not take lobelia on an ongoing basis.

As always, consult your qualified health practitioner before beginning an herbal remedy. Dosages vary according to duration and severity of symptoms.

What makes edema worse?

• Food allergies certainly contribute to fluid swelling through the release of histamine in the skin. Identifying offending foods and removing them from your diet will help to relieve the problem. Recommendation: Refer to the discussion of Food Allergy for additional information, identifying culprits, and a systematic approach to eliminating suspected problem foods.

•  EdemaExcessive addition of salt to your foods will increase the sodium load your kidneys have to handle and will worsen fluid retention if you already have a tendency to retain salt. Remember, too, that MSG (monosodiumglutamate) used in the preparation of Chinese food counts as "salt," and it can be quite a potent (and often overlooked) culprit in fluid retention. Recommendation: Don't make it your habit to add extra salt or MSG to foods for flavor.

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Edema diet
Edema natural remedies



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