Common Cold

What is Common Cold?

Any of the several hundred identified cold viruses can cause the stinging-drippy-nosed, red-weepy-eyed, stuffed-up, achy, feverish, scratchy-throated misery that we've all come to recognize as "a cold." The huge number of viral culprits that can bring on these symptoms makes it difficult to find a medication that will treat them all or a vaccine to protect us from them all. And so conventional medicine struggles on, able to transplant hearts, but still unable to conquer the common cold.

Common Cold Although a virus causing the cold symptoms may pave the way for bacterial invaders to set up a nasty sinus, ear, or throat infection that antibiotics will cure, the cold itself—in its pure form—will not respond to prescription antibiotic medications. So far, we physicians have no good medicines to kill the cold viruses, although vigorous new viral research may soon make that statement outdated.

You must therefore depend on your own immune defense system to corral and destroy the cold virus when it tries to invade your respiratory tract. And nutrition can be your greatest ally in building a healthy immune system to make you more resistant to catching a cold, as well as in combating the viral attack once one begins. Let's see how in Common cold diet.

What makes Common cold worse?

• Foods high in arachidonic acid, such as red meat and egg yolk, promote the production of the group of "bad" eicosinoid messenger, which can worsen inflammation and depress immune function slightly. When you are under viral attack, your immune system doesn't need anything to make its job more difficult, and a diet with too much arachidonic acid can do that. Recommendation: At the onset of a common cold, do eat your good protein, but make it egg white, fish, and poultry until the cold passes. By those rules, the old tried-and true cure for colds—chicken soup—fills the bill nicely!

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