Breast Disease vitamin supplements

• Vitamin E appears to improve the symptoms of most (but not all) women with benign breast disease, including reducing the size and number of painful cysts in fibrocystic breast disease. Recommendation: Because in some people vitamin E can cause a rise in blood pressure, begin at 100 IU per day for we week and check your blood pressure. If your reading remains below an average (taken on 5 different occasions and averaging the values of the first number and then of the second number) of 140/90, increase your vitamin E dose to 200 IU per day, then 400 IU, then 600 IU. Check your blood pressure again each time you move your dose up. Remain at a dose of 600 IU for 3 months. For most women, this dose will be sufficient to improve symptoms. If you should require a higher dose, you may increase to 1000 IU or at most 1200 IU per day. If you have not seen a response by this time, increasing to a higher one probably will not help.

•  Breast Disease vitaminCoenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant, is similar to vitamin E in action, but is even more potent. Recommendation: 100 mg daily.

• Essential fatty acids of the type found in evening primrose oil (linoleic acid or GLA, primarily) also appear to decrease breast tenderness in mastalgia and chronic mastodynia and to reduce the pain, number, and size of cysts in fibrocystic breast disease. This remedy works through providing your body with the forerunner of the "good" group of eicosinoids (see Section we, pages 24-27) that control pain and inflammation. By combining the essential fatty acids found in evening primrose oil (the GLA) with some of the kinds found in cold-water fish oil (EPA), you can take less of each and better control the process. Recommendation: Begin with a solid macronutrient framework (see Macronutrients, Section we, page 23), and to that sound base add evening primrose oil capsules, fish oil capsules, plus vitamin E. Take 500 mg of evening primrose oil, plus 1000 mg EPA fish oil, plus 200 IU vitamin E 1 to 3 times a day. The EicoPro essential fatty acid product manufactured by Eicotec, Inc., of Marblehead, Massachusetts, contains ultrapure sources of linoleic acid and fish oils already combined in the proper ratio. Of this product, take 2 capsules 1 to 3 times daily. Because it is a purer form, the milligram dosing on the label will be different from that recommended above. (Warning to diabetics: EPA fish oil can cause blood sugar fluctuations in some diabetics. Carefully monitor your blood sugar if you use this supplemental oil and discontinue its use if your blood sugar becomes difficult to control.)

•  Some medical research has shown that dietary iodine deficiency can increase the development of benign breast lumps and cysts in both animals and people, and that supplementation will reverse this process. Recommendation: You may enlist the aid of your physician to prescribe the product SSKI, which provides 30 mg iodine per drop. You should take 1 to 3 drops per day. You should note some response in pain and swelling as early as 3 months; however, complete response may take as long as 1 to 3 years. You may also experience a period of transient worsening of tenderness during the course of treatment as the cysts and lumps begin to soften. Warning: Do not use the antiseptic iodine products designed for cleaning cuts and scrapes as a liquid nutritional supplement!

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