Anxiety symptoms

Anxiety isn't all in your head: It is also in your body, often expressing itself as trembling, sweating, a pounding heart, shallow breathing, confusion, a dry mouth, and difficulty speaking. We all feel anxiety now and then, but uncontrolled anxiety or panic attacks can be debilitating and terrifying experiences, lasting from a few minutes to several hours or days. In some cases, the episodes become chronic and ongoing, interfering with a person's ability to live a happy and productive life. While anxiety attacks can strike at any age, people often experience a growing number of anxiety-producing stresses in midlife and beyond.

Along with the physical anxiety symptoms, a person experiencing an anxiety attack typically feels an overwhelming sense of terror or impending doom. Unlike fear in response to danger, anxiety is an expression of a generalized, undefined fear. The physical and emotional Anxiety symptoms are so severe and terrifying that people who experience anxiety attacks often end up in the hospital emergency room, convinced they are having a heart attack.

Anxiety symptomsWhile there is considerable debate about the causes of anxiety attacks, many experts suspect that a neurochemical imbalance can trigger both anxiety disorders and depression. (People who are prone to depression also tend to experience anxiety attacks.) While some medications and psychological treatments can be helpful in managing Anxiety symptoms, natural remedies also can be helpful.

Anxiety may also have potentially serious underlying causes, such as hyperthyroid disease or tumors that secrete hormones arousing the autonomic nervous system; check with your health care provider to rule out these causes if you experience repeated attacks.

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