Vitamin E for skin

Vitamins E may help to protect the skin against sunburn. In a study reported in 1998, dermatologists at Ludwig Maximilians University in Germany found that people who take the antioxidant vitamins C and E have a higher threshold for sunburn reaction.

The researchers tested ultraviolet sensitivity in two groups often Caucasian people by exposing a section of skin to UV light. Subjects in one of the groups then took 2 g of vitamin C and 670 mg (1000 IU) for 8 days.
Vitamin E for skinThe UV test was then re-done. Those taking the vitamins showed increased tolerance, particularly at higher UV doses. The researchers speculate that combined intake of both vitamins is necessary for protection and vitamins E is good for skin.
However, the researchers stress that in comparison with the protection afforded by topical sunscreens, this level of protection is small.


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