Vitamin C overdose

Vitamin C is safe in relatively large doses but excessive intakes may cause diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramping, excess urination and skin rashes. There is the possibility of kidney stones in those with kidney disease. These effects may occur when doses above 1 g are taken regularly. Chewable vitamin C may lead to tooth decay.

Large doses of vitamin C taken by pregnant women have caused "rebound scurvy" in newborn babies whose intake returns to normal. It may be advisable to reduce vitamin C intake slowly after taking large amounts.

Vitamin C overdoseResults of a study reported in 1998 in Nature Medicine suggest that vitamin C may cause cell damage in doses above 500 mg. The researchers gave daily doses of 500 mg of vitamin C to 30 healthy volunteers and then assessed two indicators of oxidative damage in DNA from their blood cells. One of these indicators showed less oxidation in the volunteers, and the other indicator showed more oxidation than before they began taking the supplements. However, this study directly contradicts other studies and focuses only on a single biological marker that is not necessarily known to be a good indicator of oxidative stress.

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