Vitamin A Interactions with other nutrients

Vitamin E plays a role in the absorption, storage and utilization of vitamin A andprotects it from oxidation. Vitamin E may protect against some of the effects ofexcess vitamin A.

Vitamin A is necessary for calcium metabolism and is also necessary forthe absorption, metabolism and storage of iron. Vitamin A deficiency lowersblood levels of hemoglobin. When iron supplements are given it is important toensure that vitamin A levels are high enough to protect against the exacerbationof bacterial activity that iron may cause. With zinc deficiency, levels of vitaminA in the liver rise and blood levels fall.

Vitamin A InteractionsVitamin A Interactions with drugs

Vitamin A absorption is reduced by mineral oil laxatives. Antacids; the anti-gout drug, colchicine; and the cholesterol-reducing drug, cholestyramine alsoinhibit vitamin A absorption. Broad spectrum antibiotics should not be takenwith high doses of vitamin A.

Alcohol irritates the digestive tract and inhibits the absorption of vitaminA. It also depletes the body's tissue stores.

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