Folate recommended daily

In 1989, the government lowered the RDAs from 400 mcg to 200 mcg for men and 180 mcg for women. Increasing awareness of the importance of folic acid in preventing birth defects and cardiovascular disease led in 1998 to the raising of RDAs to 400 mcg. The tolerable upper intake level has been set at 1000 mcg per day.

__________Men                     Women________Pregnancy          Lactation______

USA________400 meg_______400 meg_______600 meg_______500 meg_______

UK _______ _200 meg_______200 meg_______300 meg_______260 meg_______

Australia         200 meg_______200 meg_______400 meg_______350 meg_______

Folate recommended dailyThe RDA for pregnant women doubles due to the role of folic acid in cell growth in the baby and for increased blood volume and expanding tissues in the mother. Folic acid is the vitamin most closely related to pregnancy outcome.



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