Vitamin E benefits for immune system

Vitamin E benefits for immune system are essential as it protects the thymus gland and circulating white blood cells from damage. Vitamin E is particularly important in protecting the immune system from damage during times of oxidative stress and chronic viral illness.

Several studies have suggested that vitamin E supplements can help to boost immune function. A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1997 provides more support for this. The study involved 88 healthy people, aged 65 or older. Those who took 200 mg (300 IU) each day for about four months showed an improvement in immune response.
Vitamin E benefits for immune system Researchers assessed the effects of either 60 mg (90 IU), 200 mg (300 IU) or 800 mg (1333) on a measure of immune system strength known as delayed hypersensitivity skin response. The results showed that those who took 200 mg a day had a 65 per cent increase in immune function. Those taking 60 mg or 800 mg of vitamin E also showed some improvements in immune function, but the ideal response was seen in those taking 200 mg. In other tests, those who took the supplements produced six times more antibodies to hepatitis B after being given the vaccine than those who took placebo. They also produced more antibodies against tetanus infection.


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