People who exercise regularly are healthier than those who don't. They are less likely to develop diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. They usually live longer, look and feel better and younger throughout life, and maintain their independence for longer.

Regular exercise is a vital part of life for many people. Some people include moderate physical activity such as walking in their daily routines while there are others, such as elite athletes, whose lives revolve around training and competition. From the recreational exerciser to the professional athlete, good nutrition is vital for optimal performance through its effects on the functioning of organs, muscles and other tissues. A poor diet combined with increased requirements can impair performance and general health.

Exercise, exercise dietAerobic and anaerobic exercise

There are two basic different types of exercise, aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic means "with oxygen" and is any kind of exercise which forces the heart and lungs to work harder to supply the oxygen to the muscles. Aerobic exercise burns calories, strengthens and conditions the heart and lungs and improves general fitness and stamina, improves mental ability, and significantly lowers disease risk. Aerobic exercise includes activities like running, cycling, swimming, fast walking, aerobics classes and dancing.

Anaerobic means" without oxygen" and is any exercise that requires short bursts of power, such as sprinting or lifting weights. Someone who is exercising anaerobically is using energy sources stored in the muscle rather than oxygen from the air. Because this energy supply is limited, anaerobic exercise can be sustained only for short periods of time. In reality, most exercise is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The amount of each is dependent on how hard and fast the exercise proceeds.

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