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What Nettle herb Is:

Have you urticated yourself today? People have been doing it for a couple of the sand years to relieve arthritis pain, hives, rashes, and even sciatica. To perform urtication, all you need is a nettle plant and a glove. Put on the glove, pick up the plant, and smack yourself repeatedly. Far-fetched as it may seem, urtication, a term based on nettle's botanical name, frequently works pretty well. From its stiff stem to its jagged-edged, heart-shaped leaves, the plant is blanketed with small fuzzy hairs, hence one of its common names, stinging nettle. Part of the treatment' s success is that the little hairs serve as a counterirritant, but some phytomedicine also is being injected into your skin. Nettle is native to Europe and Asia, but it's now found across southern Canada and most of the United States. Its medicinal applications haven't been limited to self-flagellation. Australians and others are longtime advo cates of nettle tea and nettle root juice to open up bronchial passages.

Nettle herb extract, benefits, health, effects

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