Peptic Ulcer Disease natural remedies

• Ginger has anti-inflammatory activity, but it also contains more than 10 compounds that have anti-ulcer effects. The combination of honey and ginger is particularly effective. Honey has antibacterial action, and the two complement one another.

Peptic Ulcer Disease natural remedies Licorice contains a number of anti-ulcer compounds and is safe to use in moderate amounts. In larger amounts, or when used on a daily basis for longer than 6 weeks, it can produce headache, lethargy, loss of potassium, and high blood pressure. We suggest using licorice as a tea sweetener.

• Clinical trials suggest that calendula may be effective in treating ulcers. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting action. A tea can be made with about 5 teaspoons of fresh flowers. Lemon balm makes it even better.

• Garlic is an antibiotic. Cook with it, chop it up and mix it with other food, or just eat it plain, if you can.

• Chamomile is especially useful in treating ulcers. How's this for action: It's anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, stomach-soothing, and antiseptic. Really, you can't go wrong with this herb.

• The anthocyanosides found in bilberry and blueberry offer protection against ulcers. They also stimulate production of mucus that protects the stomach lining.

Dosages may vary, depending on the duration and severity of your symptoms. Consult a qualified herbal practitioner, and alert your physician to your decision to use herbs. Some herbal remedies cannot be used in conjunction with conventional pharmaceuticals.

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